We offer a production and a printing of an unique paper magnets, mostly useful for marketing, on the world´s first magnet paper MagneCote.

paper + magnet = MagneCote

Magnecote prints like a paper, acts like a magnet.

It´s combined sterling ultra with a propietary magnetic coating to create a paper that can be perforated, die-cut, and laminated, and can run on sheet-fed. Magnecote delivers high quality printing with excellent colour reproduction, superior ink adhesion, and a long shelf life. In other words, it´s everything you want in a top shelf paper – and yet, is magnetic.

So many place to go: dors, tool chests, parking meters, desks, picture frames, medicine cabinets, shelves, etc.

So many things to say: reminders, business cards, menus, games, instructions, calendars, phone numbers, etc.

The prices work out according to your request.
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